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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lynx, or Genet.

In Africa, we find the weirdest animals. So, we found this weird little animal. We were convinced that he was a Lynx, but the truth is, he's a Genet. It turns out there's this animal called a Genet, it's a pretty cool animal. :D The sad thing is, when we got him, the guys that found him probably made him dizzy. So his eyes are a little crazy, it's hard for him to see. So he kind of stumbles around when he walks, although he's a little blind, he's really cute. If you want to know more about this guy, click this link. :) https://gabbywild.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/wacky-wednesday-the-genet/

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  1. Okay Troy, when taking care of a Genet, you've to be careful. They are very stress sensitive and eat a lot, so don't forget to feed them (rats, big insects en some fruit like papaya every once in a while).

    I don't know what happened to the poor thing, but the "dizziness" might be partially explained by the fact that this is a nocturnal animal. He/she is simply not used to be awake in daylight, but is probably not able to sleep during the day because of the stress.

    Very interesting entry!

  2. Is he in the cat family??

    Poor thing about being dizzy. Maybe he IS tired from insomnia like Zeger mentioned. You could put a blanket over his cage so he could sleep during the day. And the blindness is from being nocturnal.

    If he's dizzy from being thrown around like you said, He might have "rocks" that need to be corrected in his head. You can go on-line and see how they correct this. With this being a wild animal, you might not be able to do that though. Humans can hardly stand that type of manipulations.

    Have fun trying to take care of the poor thing. Good thing he has you as a caregiver!!


    1. Thanks, that's really gonna help us take care of this guy, thanks for the tips! :)

    2. He can't see well because he is nocturnal. That's why his eyes are weird.