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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicken Feeding...

Everyday, I feed chickens some maize bran. It's funny when I walk inside their house, as I feed them they start pecking at my feet. Now I don't know if they're trying to say" I love you, thanks for the food!". Or they're just really hungry, LOL I get upset sometimes with these chickens. But these chickens are a big miracle in our lives, they produce so many eggs everyday! And it's good enough to feed us and the kids, it's really nice. :) I know this is a short blog post, but I'm just trying to keep posting posts. So thanks for reading my blog, and may God be with you. :)


  1. Don't worry about your posts being short, I really like how you describe the small and simple things in your life. You do it quite accurately actually.

    I'm so glad that the chicken house is finished now. How's the part for the rabbits going?

  2. The Rabbit's part of the house, is still in progress. It's gonna look really good, thanks for reading my blog. :)