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Monday, October 15, 2012

The season of Life...

So the rain season has come, what a miracle... It's been so humid here, we couldn't take it anymore. But now it has come, the skies are so beautiful these days.

                                                                         A sunset...
                                                         White clouds, and blue skies...

                                                                    Silhouette trees...

And something else bloomed out of nowhere- Twins!!! Two fraternal twins are now taken in, and they are perfectly healthy. The boy is Luke, and the girl Leia. Do you know where we got the names from? May God be with you... :)


  1. They're beautiful :) Awesome pictures!

  2. Did you take the pictures yourself? Amazing how God can make everything so beautiful.
    I love the pictures of the babies. They look like little dolls.

  3. I took all those pictures of the trees and the skies, but the baby picture wasn't me. :P