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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The African Elephant Shrew...

Yesterday, I saw something incredible in the in the sky! (I wish it was Superman.) It was some amazing clouds, that had an outstanding smooth pattern. Usually it means that there's rain coming, for me it was like Jesus was coming. :) It was so beautiful, I wish you could see what I saw in real life.

Then today, we got 2 anteater type animals. They're really cool, then we found out that they're actually called... Elephant Shrews, and they can run super fast!

They have long snouts that move just like Elephant's trunks, they're kind of weird.

And they drink water not like anteaters, but they really have a long snouted-mouth kind of like dogs.

So there's two amazing things in a row, you guys should come here some time, this place is an incredible place. May God be with you... :)


  1. Have you ever seen them jump around? They jump an incredible distance for such small animals when they feel threatened.

    Also, that cloud picture looks really nice. Good cadrage with the kitchen and the pine tree on the foreground.

  2. I LOVE clouds. I always want to paint clouds, but when I start, I never can capture the beauty the way I see it. Your photos are really good.
    The little guy that looks like an anteater.. never saw such a thing. You truly are in a special place. You don't even have to go to a zoo!! Ha!

  3. And the Elephant Shrews get a like!