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Friday, February 22, 2013

No ordinary day at the falls...

So first, I want to apologize for writing this blog so late, I've been busy making the Kazembe Orphanage video with my Dad. :P We all went to the Falls, and this was Jasmine's (my sister) last day at the falls. Because she'll be leaving to America for college soon, so it's pretty sad. At least we had a great time, it's so beautiful at the water falls. When I was just sitting, enjoying the day, a butterfly/moth landed on my foot! And then a few more started landing on my hands too, I was confused at first, but then I realized they looked really cool! So I took out the camera, (I was lucky I had it with me) and I took some great pictures of these butterflies.

This was no ordinary day because when does a butterfly/moth just land on your hands? Not much. It was a great day for me to spend time with my sister at the falls, what's the best day you've spent with your family? Comment below, so I hope you enjoyed this blog post! May God be with you... :)

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